Multipurpose Disinfectant


Termilon* Hospital Concentrate is a colorless, multipurpose solution recommended for general antisepsis of skin, wounds and disinfection of clinical equipments as well. Termilon* Hospital Concentrate is effective against a wide range of microbes and does not cause staining or irritation.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution I.P. 7.5% v/v
Strong Cetrimide Solution B.P. (Equivalent to Cetrimide I.P.) 15%w/v

Available Pack Size:

  • 1 ltr
  • 5 ltr


  • Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity
  • Fast acting
  • Effective cleaning agent for soiled wounds
  • Residual antimicrobial activity
  • Does not cause skin irritation
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter
  • Does not cause staining of work surface, equipment, clothing or skin

Where to Use

Termilon* Hospital Concentrate multipurpose solution provides all round protection against pathogens responsible for wound infection and instrument contamination. Termilon* Hospital Concentrate can be used for :

  • Disinfection of wounds and burns
  • Disinfection of soiled wound
  • Pre operative skin disinfection
  • Disinfection of equipments, furniture and fittings
  • Disinfection of clean instruments
  • Disinfection of soiled instruments

How to Use

Recommended Dilutions:

Dilution Application
Patient Inanimates
1 part by 200 parts water i.e. 5ml made upto 1 litre with water Disinfections of equipment, furniture and fittings. Storage of sterile instruments
1 part to 100 parts water i.e. 10 ml made upto 1 litre with water Disinfection of wounds and burns, disinfection of periferum and vulva. Gently swab affected area Disinfection of clean instruments. Clean thoroughly and rinse prior to sterilization
1 part to 30 parts Ethanol (70%). 20ml with 140ml water made upto 600ml with Ethanol Pre-operative skin disinfection, umbilical cord disinfection. Swab for 2 minutes. Allow to dry


  • Disinfection of clean instruments: 30 minutes
  • Pre-operative skin disinfection: 2 minutes